PYP Grade 4 Classroom – November 2014


A few weeks ago I read a post that showcased some teacher initiated walk throughs of their own classrooms.  Sadly I can’t find that post – I believe it is long since lost on my Twitter feed.  However, this inspired me to do my own walk through before I left school on Friday. I was curious what sort of things I might notice by conducting my own walk through. What values could I extract from the materials up on my walls? As I took a picture of each item, I would smile at a memory that was attached to that object. For example, the student art work came out of our ‘Dot Day’. I had asked a student to work at another desk to help him focus on his task a little bit more. Next to the desk was the ‘equity/equality’ poster.  He said, “Mr Brown, this picture is just so interesting. It really makes me think about things.”  (He said this in is most serious of voices). The wondering wall sign was made by my first class at this school – I can remember the day some students came in at lunch to paint it. If they pop their heads in, they always notice this sign ‘from their time’ is still up.

Moreover, why did I choose to take these photos? What did I not take photos of and why? Sometimes the absence of something speaks just as much as the presence of something.

I wonder what the students would take a photo of I asked them to do the same thing.  What is meaningful to them? What is missing? What would they like to see more of?

Hmmm…next week’s plan I believe.