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Gr 4 Dot Lesson Outline (PDF)

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This method of planning was taken from an experience at the first school I worked at as a beginning teacher in New Zealand

As teacher-coordinators developed a 3-year plan for our curriculum, they tried to make connections to school and global events.  For example, in the second year of this cycle in New Zealand, the school was celebrating its 50th anniversary.  Attempts were made to integrate this huge event into our language programme, art and math programme.  I thought this was a great way of taking what was already going on at the school, or internationally, and making that as a starting point for community connections.

At the end of my third year at the Canadian International School, I was inspired to see if we could try planning in a similar way.  First, we mapped out the PYP Transdisciplinary Themes, along with the key concepts.  In this plan we included major school events such as our Uniting Nations week as focal points for some of our language and math integration.  We also included assessment phases and parent teacher conference times. This plan looks rough, but this was an invaluable process to go through as it really helped our team consider the ways in which we could be a bit more efficient in our planning.  For example, there are many experiential learning experiences that occur during the Uniting Nations week – why not use these experiences as key language learning experiences as well?

Transdisciplinary Planning

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